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I am originally from the beautiful and exciting city of Berlin. Since 2008 I live in the UK and follow my passion for arts and design.

During my studies at Oxford Brookes University I was working for an in house design studio. After my graduation I followed down the path of a freelancer. This gave me the great opportunity to be part of new exciting projects.


My approach towards a new project is to identify the values and the message of your business and what you think is important to be highlighted, to get to know your business culture and to research your audience, competitors and current market.


I have experience with Visual Merchandiseing, Brand Identity, Print and Webdesign for a diverse range of client sectors including;


  • Fashion Industry

  • Cosmetic Industry

  • Food and Drink Industry

  • Professional Service

  • Retail Industry 



"Be yourself because everyone else is taken."

- Oscar Wilde


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